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Our marketing network has widely spread in whole wide country of China, except Guangzhou headquarter, we’ve also set up Hangzhou and Shanghai service station, and our Hong Kong office is also good facility for us to contacts with abroad when we explore actively into overseas markets. 

As the business expanding, we have established good business relationship with a galaxy of big names in personal care product industry, such as DOCTOR BAI, ARCHE COSMETIC, HOUDY COSMETIC, P&G, etc., the frequent technical communication with the producer and data share with them, pushes us built up technical group to follow service, the business liaison allows us can provide our clients excellent technical aid whatever they need, supply them the newly formula suggestion or help to solve technical problem. 

Except technical aid, provide comprehensive service to our customers also is our important feature, we often matching supply products to our clients under their special formula, even though some items is not included in our products range, we devoted consistent effort to keep good relationship with others relative product producer, so that we can supply sufficient material to our customers with precise technical index. 

With the aim to satisfy customer furthest, the Satisfaction Level Supervisory System was built up to collect feed back information from customers, our services and producing system will be improved according to the feed back information. 

You are appreciated send us back any comment, it will be great help, your suggestions will be highly respected. 


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